Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Pink Duck #2

And now for the pictures of PD#2's 4 year old birthday party!

Maren had a Maren in Wonderland themed party.

I made her Summer-themed-Alice dress with some Dobby Voile in Pastry Stripes from Anna Maria Horner, and followed a vintage pattern.

 I set up the tea party on the back patio, and besides forgetting my cardinal rule of always having custom labeled water bottles, it went really well!  The girls had a lot of fun.  I made the card garland by simply sewing two packages of playing cards ($1 each) together on the sewing machine.  I also made the poms - 3 $.97 packs of tissue, and $2.50 of fishing line.  The mushrooms were Hobby Lobby clearance for the end of the summer, and while you can't really tell, I glitter glued them so they sparkled!

The party favors were embroidered aprons.  So easy!  I had designed them in my mind of how I thought would be best to construct them, and when I googled some tutorials and found this one, I felt confident in my theory!

Eat Me Cakes...made the same way you make a cake pop, and then hand dipped in molding chocolate.  I snipped the corner off a sandwich baggy to pipe the words on.

Maren, myself, and my MIL had gone thrift/antique store shopping for teacups and saucers.  The Drink Me tags were so easy!  I designed them in photoshop and then emailed them to Kinkos for printing on cardstock. I got 4 on a page.  Then I used a corner clipper to angle the corners, and tied them on with black satin ribbon.

After seeing it on Pinterest, I wanted to try spray painting the handles of thrift store fancy silverware.  They turned out so cute!  I used this tutorial. (Only I forgot the metal primer...but they worked fine, and seem to be holding up through 2 dishwasher runs.)

The banners on all the chairs were made basically the same way as the Drink Me Tags.

The cake was modeled after the invitation, and I made Alice, Rabbit and Cheshire Cat silhouettes out of molding chocolate, and the hearts as well.  Maren specifically asked for Red Roses on top, because the if the Roses aren't red, it's off with your head!

 The girls painted roses red, and also made shrinky dink charms for bracelets or necklaces.  You know, because Alice shrinks!


Jill Bayless said...

Too cute, love the shrinky dink idea!

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Love this post! The party looks so adorable.Hope you'll link it and any other kid or teen related posts that you have to our "Crafts for Under Twenty Somethings" party tomorrow! Also, any party linked up gets added to an ongoing themed party directory on my blog.

Thanks so much for sharing.



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